11378: Temperature Warning Reported by Acronis Drive Monitor

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To eliminate this problem completely, review the drive(s) cooling

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Acronis Drive Monitor reported the following warning for one of the disk drives monitored:

Disk temperature is above the warning level


S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) is a disk monitoring technology which reports internal hard disk temperature among other parameters. The temperature is read using a sensor installed inside of the hard drive.

Drive overheating may be caused by insufficient air ventilation around the hard drive, or by environment temperature exceeding the normal levels.


Working within warning temperature level (below the alert threshold) is not dangerous for the drives, and should not cause any problems. The problem is that as environmental conditions and disk IO utilization changes, the drive temperature may easily increase further, approaching dangerous levels.

If you rarely see this warning, only when environmental temperature reaches its maximums or when IO load peaks, you can safely ignore it. To avoid seeing this warning in the future, you may go to the Acronis Drive Monitor options and slightly increase the "Warning disk temperature" threshold (still keeping it under the Alert threshold).

To eliminate this problem completely, review the drive's cooling. Make sure the cooling fan, if installed, is operational. Otherwise, if the problem is commonly encountered, you may want to install additional cooling fan for desktops or servers to improve air circulation around your drives, or use a cooling pad for laptops. As for external disks, you want to search for third-party cooling enclosures.

More information

Please contact the vendor of your hard disk for more information and recommendations.

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