11339: Dynamic Disk Types Support in Windows Editions

Last update: 03-11-2013

Table of Windows Editions and dynamic disk types they support


Dynamic disk types supported by Windows editions:

Windows Edition Dynamic disk type
Windows 2000 Professional Simple/Spanned/Striped
Windows XP Home/Professional Simple/Spanned/Striped
Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium No Support
Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate Simple/Spanned/Striped
Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic/Premium No Support
Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate Simple/Spanned/Striped/Mirrored
Windows 2000 Server Simple/Spanned/Striped/Mirrored/RAID 5
Windows Server 2003 Simple/Spanned/Striped/Mirrored/RAID 5
Windows Server 2008 Simple/Spanned/Striped/Mirrored/RAID 5

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