11120: Acronis Snap Deploy 3: Creating Master Image of an Encrypted Partition

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Last update: 07-06-2010

To create a consistent image of an encrypted partition it has to be done in sector-by-sector mode

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 3


Acronis Snap Deploy may fail to back up or restore partitions or files encrypted by specialized software.

The following situations can occur:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy may fail to access an encrypted partition from Windows and thus will not back it up;
  • Acronis Snap Deploy may back up an encrypted partition from Windows, but restoring such a partition will make it unencrypted. If an encrypted system partition is backed up and then restored, then the machine will become unbootable after the restore. This is only true when working in Windows;
  • Some files may be missing in the backup.


If you have an encrypted partition, please create a master image of it in the sector-by-sector mode.

There is no GUI option to do this in Acronis Snap Deploy.

Please create the master image in sector-by-sector mode from BartPE media using the /raw option of the /create command in the command line.

For complete instructions on how to build BartPE with Acronis Snap Deploy create the image from the command line see Chapter 15 of Acronis Snap Deploy User Guide.

More information

See also Creating a Sector-By-Sector Backup with Acronis Products.