10060: "SSL_read" Errors in Acronis Online Backup Logs

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Last update: 06-05-2010

Check the logs to make sure the backup has been created successfully

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image Home 2010
  • Acronis True Image Home 2010 Plus Pack
  • Acronis True Image Home 2010 Netbook Edition
  • Acronis True Image Home 2010 Online Backup (Standalone)
  • Acronis Backup and Security 2010


After backing up to Acronis online storage using Acronis Online Backup, there are the following error entries in the log:


The dashboard shows that the backup has failed:


There are two possible causes:

  1. Internet connection was temporarily interrupted during the online backup process.
  2. Online backup process has been suspended by user.


Check the product log to make sure the backup was completed successfully:

  • If the log says that the Operation has been successfully completed, this means the backup has been created and is in the online storage:

  • If the log says the Operation has completed with errors, then recreate the backup:

More information

If Internet connection interrupts during Acronis Online Backup, the product (with default settings) will reattempt the connection 10 times with 30 seconds interval. The number of connection attempts and interval time can be set in the Online backup options:

See also Acronis Online Backup in Acronis True Image Home 2010.