62748: Acronis True Image Essential, Advanced or Premium subscription: "Too many activations"

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Last update: 18-08-2020

This article applies to subscription licenses


You receive the following message:

You've exceeded the maximum number of activations for this serial number. Activation required


Too many activations


You exceed the limit of available activations/seats for your Acronis True Image subscription. For example, you have an Acronis True Image Advanced 1 computer license and attempt to install Acronis True Image on more than 1 machine. If you want to use Acronis True Image on more machines than you license allows, you will need to purchase additional licenses and activate the new copies.

Other possible causes:

  • You reinstalled or upgraded the operating system on the machine where Acronis True Image is installed.
  • You upgraded the machine with new hardware.
  • You replaced your machine with a new one.

If you have reinstalled or upgraded your operating system or hardware, or simply moved the product to a different machine, reactivate Acronis True Image in the new environment.

See instructions below:


On a Windows system:

  1. Click Resolve problem.

  2. You will be redirected to your Acronis account. In the Products section, find Acronis True Image Essential, Premium or Advanced, and then click Manage:

  3. You will see a list of machines where this license was activated

  4. You need to to remove a license from a computer where it is no longer needed (if you installed Acronis True Image on a new computer) or from current computer if you changed hardware or reinstalled the operating system. Hover the mouse over the computer name and click Deactivate:

  5. After the license is deactivated relaunch Acronis True Image, The product will be activated automatically using the available license quota

On a Mac

  1. Click Resolve
  2. To move activation from a different computer, click Manage licenses

  3. Select the machine that you want to move the license from (if you installed on a new machine) or select this computer's old name (if you changed hardware)
  4. If you installed Acronis True Image on a new computer that you don't have license for, press Buy More to purchase additional licenses or click Enter Serial Number to submit a new serial number.

More information

You can check which machines the license is activated on via Acronis Account: see How to manage subscription licenses. List of activations for a perpetual license is not available under Acronis Account.