47840: Acronis True Image 2015: E-Mail Backup Is Not Supported

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Last update: 08-04-2016

With the increased use of multiple local and web based email systems for Consumers, providing a separate Outlook mailbox backup feature no longer fully protects a user's email; as such was removed in Acronis True Image 2015. Acronis True Image 2015 performs a full system image backup, and protects not only all of the email that is on the computer, but also the operating system and all other applications, folder, files, settings, and user preferences. This is the easiest, most complete and secure way to protect email and the entire computer.

As workaround you can backup and restore the .pst file:

  • find where the Microsoft Outlook stores the .pst file (example for Microsoft Outlook 2010: File -> Account Settings ->select account -> note the path);
  • Start Acronis True Image -> Backup -> Files and folders -> select the pst file located in the previous step -> create backup.

We do not recomment this workaround. Best practice and the safe way is to create full system image backup.

See also Acronis True Image 2015: Discontinued Features.