48662: Acronis True Image 2015: Discontinued Features

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Last update: 07-10-2016

At Acronis we are committed to providing the best possible user experience to our customers.  Our product development process assesses feature sets, user behaviors, Operating System support and industry trends on a continual basis.  As part of that comprehensive process we add new features every year, and remove others that become dated or less relevant due to changes in the computing landscape. When we remove a feature it is only after a detailed review and with the understanding that we provide an equal or better solution that is more efficient, simpler and more reliable. In Acronis True Image 2015 some features have been removed as they were originally designed for Windows XP (e.g.: Boot Sequence Manager) and others as there is a more effective way to perform this task in Acronis True Image 2015 (e.g.: Try and Decide)

The following features have been discontinued: