14430: Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced Features

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With Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced you can:

  • Create both basic and dynamic volumes;
  • Add, remove, or break mirrored volumes. See also See also Dynamic Disk Types Support in Windows Editions;
  • Copy or move a volume of one type as a volume of another type;
  • Convert primary volumes to logical and vice versa;
  • Repair RAID-5 volumes. See also Acronis Disk Director 11 Advanced Server: Repairing RAID 5 Column;
  • Convert basic disks to dynamic and vice versa. See Acronis Disk Director 11: Converting Basic to Dynamic Disks and Vice Versa;
  • Convert GPT disks to MBR and vice versa;
  • Import foreign disks - Make dynamic disks added from another machine accessible for the system;
  • Changing a disk status: online to offline and vice versa;
  • Disk cloning. See also Acronis Disk Director 11: Cloning Basic Disks;
  • Disk and volume management operations:
    • Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes without data loss or destruction;
    • Format and label volumes, change file systems, clusters size, assign volume letters, and set volumes active;
    • Delete volumes and clean up disks;
    • Hide/unhide volumes;
    • Specify i-node density;
    • Initialize newly added hard disks;
    • Explore volume data, even on Linux volumes, before performing operations;
    • Preview changes made in disk and volume layout before applying them;
    • Browse through the detailed information about all hard disks, volumes, and file systems.
  • Acronis Recovery Expert - Recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks;
  • Acronis Bootable Media Builder - You can create bootable media based both on WinPE and Linux to use Acronis Disk Director on bare metal or outside of an operating system;
  • Acronis Disk Editor - Edit hard disk data at the sector level;
  • Log - Examine information about disk and volume operations, including reasons for failure, if any.



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