37112: Acronis Back & Recovery 11.5: Backup Fails with "Failed to Connect to the Process" Error

Event Codes: 

You may get the error when starting a backup plan destination to SAN or complex RAID or dynamic disk arrangements. To fix it, add a value StartTimeout in Windows registry.

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 (All Editions)


You create a backup plan with destination to SAN or complex RAID or dynamic disk arrangements and get this error:

Log Entry Details
Type: Error
Date and time: 11/8/2012 11:04:21 AM
Backup plan: StartTimeout
Task: Full backup ('once later' scheme)
Code: 20,250,685(0x135003D)
Module: 309
Owner: Administrator@WIN2K8
Command 'Running backup plan 'StartTimeout'' has failed.
Additional info:
Error code: 61
Module: 309
LineInfo: 4a8728dc8a1c950f
Fields: $module : mms_vs_32308
Message: Command 'Running backup plan 'StartTimeout'' has failed.
Error code: 41
Module: 307
LineInfo: e6792a5ee190dda7
Fields: $module : agent_protection_addon_vs_32308
Message: ProtectCommand: Failed to execute the command.
Error code: 11
Module: 300
LineInfo: 2a46340236902166
Fields: $module : mms_vs_32308
Message: Failed to connect to the process.
Error code: 12
Module: 300
LineInfo: 2a46340236902167
Fields: $module : mms_vs_32308
Message: The operation has timed out.
Acronis Knowledge Base: http://kb.acronis.com/errorcode/
Event code: 0x0135003D+0x01330029+0x012C000B+0x012C000C


This error occurs if the backup destination has long initialization time. That can be in environments like SAN or complex RAID or dynamic disk configurations.

If the initialization time for this target is longer than the default time out for backup start (defined for service_process.exe), you will receive this error. The service_process.exe expires and exits, so it can no longer connect to start the backup task.


The solution in such environments is to increase the time out for service_process.exe. Its default value is one minute.

  1. On the Windows machine with an Acronis Agent installed go to Start -> Run -> regedit.exe -> Enter;
    1. For Windows 32-bit systems navigate to this key:
    2. For Windows 64-bit systems navigate to this key:
    3. Create a new DWORD, 32-bit, named StartTimeout, value e.g. 300000
      (!) The name is key-sensitive. Take care about upper and lower case. The name is StartTimeout;
      (!) The value is in milliseconds. E.g. 5 minutes are 300000 (5 * 60 * 1000 = 300000);
  2. For Linux systems, open /etc/Acronis/BackupAndRecovery.conf;
    1. Find 
      <key name="ServiceProcess">
      <key name="Settings>
    2. Add following value in Settings section:
      <value name="StartTimeout" type="Tdword">

This value can also be higher than 5 minutes, depending on disk configuration.

More information

See Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5.


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