19016: Acronis Backup Software: Slow Windows 7/2008 Shutdown or Restart with "Operations are in progress, please wait" on Splash Screen

This is expected behavior. The message is displayed if there are running tasks at the time of shutdown or restart

This article applies to:

  • All Acronis backup software


  1. You have an Acronis backup product installed on the machine;
  2. You run a task (backup/validation/etc.) and shut down or restart the machine while the task is running;
  3. The following message is displayed on the screen:

    Operations are in progress, please wait. The machine will be turned off automatically after the operations are complete.

  4. The machine shuts down or restarts after some time when backup/validation/etc. task is complete.


This is designed behavior. To avoid data corruption, Acronis Scheduler service postpones the system shutdown or restart process until the backup/validation/etc. task is completed.


This is a "safety valve". To avoid data corruption, Windows shutdown is postponed until an Acronis task completes.

Sample scenario

  1. You have a task scheduled to run at a certain time;
  2. The task starts at the scheduled time, but you invoke the machine shutdown while the task is running;
  3. On the shutdown, the system will display that there are operations in progress and will wait for their completion;
  4. When the task completes, the machine will shut down successfully.

(!) Acronis Backup & Recovery starting from Build 17437 (Update 0.5) allows to select machine behavior for such cases:

  1. On the machine, select Options -> Machine Options:

  2. In Machine Options go to Additional Settings and select appropriate option:
    • Stop running tasks and shut down - Backup task will be interrupted and machines will be shut down (this option is selected by default). These task will be shown in Acronis Management Server with Succeeded with warning status.
    • Wait for task completion - select this option if you want backup jobs to be finished before shutdown

More information

If you have no tasks running at the time of shutdown or restart, but the machine still displays this message for longer than several minutes, contact Acronis Customer Central with a reference to this article and the following information collected:



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